State-of-the-art Hardware

Whether to implement digital or print ads, our hardware vendors are world leaders in the market. We implement next-generation screens, with up to 900 nits brightness, high definition and high-Responsive Cloud services that ensure your message out when you need it in the right place.

Digital Design

We provide our customers exceptional value, cost-effective solutions with many advantages, designed to complement the audiovisual marketing strategies of any business, whether big or small. We cover the specific needs of outdoor digital media, providing the highest standards of quality at affordable prices.

High Visibility

Create your campaign, we make it visible in a truly impressive way in the right place at the right time. We carry digital outdoor advertising to another level, with large formats, interactivity and high levels of recall. We know that every space is an extraordinary opportunity to advertise in an attractive and friendly manner, we are not friends of intrusive advertising.

Dedicated Support

We provide a service from start to finish for the development and content management. We give it, installed it and let it ready for use, knowing that you can count on our dedicated support, guaranteeing a high number of impressions on the audience. It is our duty, as a means to advise ensuring highly effective campaigns with a high return on investment for your brand.


A Digital Signage Studio

We offer a complete system design, hardware, software, content, service and support, becoming your Digital Signage partner more reliable and adequate.

We sell screens and electronic billboards with the latest LED technology that allow to display commercial ads in a shocking way, on video formats, graphic animations and interactivity with the audience.

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Immediate positive results, people began to ask about our new product line, in this case shoes Car Shoe

Le Collezioni

Seamless integration into our facilities, with an adequate decoration of the technical devices installed

Lifespring International S.A.

"Reasonalble prices, immaculate graphic managment of our brand, continuous support"

Dominik Closet

Our Services

Digital Design

We have produced graphic creative peaces with the highest standards of design for more than 10 years for the UK, Italia and Colombia. Our studio has a large experience in photoshootings, audivisual production, digital design, Motion Graphics, Web and printed advertising.

We work closely with award winning graphic collectives, recognized at various international creative festivals.

corporate and retail digital signage systems

We are your most reliable provider of digital signage solutions for institutions or any business unit, from the start to the end. We offer complete designs of screen installations, dynamic information systems, hardware, software, graphic content, service and support. We create facilities tailored to your needs. We design and install digital information kiosks on touch screens, digital billboards, interactive video projections, dynamic flight information boards and digital menus for fast food restaurants. Our knowledge allows us to advise you and provide the best solution whatever your need for digital communication.

Digital Outdoor Advertising

We are a creative studio focused on digital signage, we know its potential and the impact of large format screens and LED holgrams, we measure effectiveness and results in the audience. We believe that outdoor advertising can be harmonious and non-intrusive. We create impactful audiovisual marketing content, exclusively designed for the format of our screens. Following the success of our promotional content designed for our digital signage installations in outdoor display cases and advertising, we've decided also to direct our potential in advertising totems in public spaces and BTL marketing activities with the use of interactive screens.


Businesses must be redesigned over time and thereby evolve the customer experience by establishing strong connections with them. MONITOR puts at your hands the creativity and technology necessary to create an intentional experience on costumers and achieve specific objectives.

Action plan
Create a powerful experience with digital advertising on screens is something that works, all eyes will be directed to an attractive content that is displayed on a powerful screen. Take advantage of the power of Digital Signage in your business. What would be your strategy in Digital Signage?

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Recognition; why choose Monitor Media

MONITOR is a new company with more than 10 years of experience in the sector. We provide creative solutions in digital marketing communications with presence in Italy, Colombia and The United Kingdom. We are a reliable provider of Digital Signage solutions, in 2015 we acquired official certification of the STEP program of Samsung Smart Signage Platform, becoming experts in Video Wall systems, industrial monitors and professional displays with tactile solutions. Additionally, we are part of the creative community and the most prestigious global network in the advertising and design sector.

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Digital Out of Home Advertising: Cross selling ad network
Corporate Communications: The best communication solution for your business
Digital Retail: Digital actions increasing sales
Digital Connect: Smart interactive dialog space

Videowall Videowalls Regular and irregular multi-display installations +

Know the potential and impact of a single moving image created by multiple screens located in a regular or irregular way, using one or more walls, ceiling or even the floor.

In many cases, Video Walls are an integral part of the branding strategy, in other cases the functionalities also include security solutions, crisis rooms and control rooms.
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Digital Menu Boards Digital Menu Boards Digital menus for restaurants +

Not only a good gastronomic offer and a good service are enough to create a unique and memorable experience in a restaurant or in any hospitality organization.

The Digital Menu Boards are an important support tool for sales and purchase decision making. Managing the right content to push product sales on the establishment is key.
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Digital Boards Digital institutional Boards Digital corporate communication +

The performance of a worker in an organization is essential to achieve the best results, it is essential to connect human capital with the company through the latest technologies.

The digital signage has advantages such as segmentation of communication, reduce times and costs of distribution, update content in real time and optimize the message with moving images, among others.
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Video Mapping Video Mapping Three-dimensional animation projections and images on real surfaces +

Video Mapping projection is a very exciting new technique that can convert almost any surface into a dynamic video display, the three-dimensional projected image wraps irregular shapes and fits them perfectly with specialized software. It is used in many aspects, both artistic and commercial, the scenarios are usually large buildings to give greater visibility and impact but also is being handled on a smaller scale (mini mappings) in display windows or product exhibitions.
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Team 4 Self Service Kiosk Interactive tactile multimedia and Queue Management System +

Digital kiosks are the most effective interactive infographic communication tool, they can be used in almost any environment to spread and capture the information you need through a touch interface. Thanks to their ability to interact, the kiosks can be used for many functions, like the sale of tickets to events, maps in shopping centers, making reservations, viewing videos, participating in surveys and much more.
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Team 2 Digital Out of Home Advertising Outdoor and Indoor Digital billboards +

We work for brands, agencies and media owners, we fully manage the network of Digital Out Of Home advertisers, from the network of screens to the sales team of guidelines, including media agencies, outdoor advertising agencies.

We specialize in new formats, interactivity, creation and production of audiovisual content, measurement and optimization of the target. Our vision is to simplify Out-of-Home advertising by making it efficient, affordable and effective for each brand and agency.
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Leap Motion Technically Innovative, D​ynamic Spacial Design Interactive display windows, holograms, transparent/flexible screens and VR installations using Leap Motion Technology, etc. +

With the use of creativity and available technologies you can create overflowing experiences of high impact and recall. MONITOR is able to conceptualize, perform and develop innovative experiences on your costumers through installations with applications that unite the physical and digital world, implementing them in BTL and Audiovisual Marketing activities.

Using avant-garde interaction platforms such as Leap Motion and Arduino among others, we can generate audience interaction with holograms, 3D projections, virtual reality and motion sensors, opening an infinite range of possibilities to generate emotion.
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